2nd ISPDC Annual meeting

Friday, 18 November 2011 to Saturday, 19 November 2011

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The second international meeting of the International Society for Proton Dynamics in Cancer (ISPDC) was heald in Nice, November 18-19, 2011. The symposium assembled 105 scientists interested in the basic molecular mechanisms of acid/base regulation to preclinical and clinical trials involving the inhibition of intracellular pH regulating protein. Highlights of the program included the opening lecture given by Professor Walter Boron (USA) on the physiology of CO2 channels and Na+dependent bicarbonate transporters follwed by the lecture of Stine Pederson (UK), Silvia Pastorekova (SK), Scott Parks (FR), SHoukat Dedhar (CA) and Dario Neri (CH). These lecture illustrated beautifully the complexity of bicarbonate and CO2 exchanges, the emerging concept of gas channel as well as the emergence of membrane-bound carbonic anhydrases as critical targets for tumor progression and metastasis. The second highlight of the meeting was a result of the EACR award lecture of Pierre Sonveaux (BE), Johanna Chiche (FR), Fatima Baltazar (PT) and Susan Critchlow (UK) who reported new advances on genetics, pharmacology, and pathophysiology of lactic acid transporters as pHi-regulating systems that has resulted in bioenergetic targets offering novel anticancer opportunities. Finally the clinicians Stefano Fais (IT), Licia Rivoltini (IT), Salvador Harguindey (ES) and Ian Tannock (CA) in his closing lecture highlighted the clinical advances of proton pump inhibitors as beneficial effectors or ‘sensitizers’ of chemotherapy, immune response and apoptosis in variuos types of cancer treatments.
The two-day meeting was enriched by presenters from young PhD students and post/doctorants consisting of 18 poster presentations during the symposium breaks and luches coupled with 21 oral communications.
EACRS awards of best oral communication was assigned to Florian Ludwing (DE) and Johanna Chiche (FR) EACRS awards of best poster presentation was assigned to Ibtissam Marchiq (FR) and Lucie Brisson (FR)
If you were unable to attend the congress you can still view online as attachment at the end of this web page the program.
We look forward to seeing you again next year at the next ISPDC meeting in Kyoto (2012).