ISCaM2021 – Costas Lyssiotis’ talk

Costas Lyssiotis - Metabolic Networks in the Tumor Microenvironment

Costas Lyssiotis is an Associate Professor at the University of Michigan, US.
His lab studies the biochemical pathways and metabolic requirements that enable tumor survival and growth and significatly contributed to our understanding of metabolic reciprocation between cancer and stromal cells in the cancer microenvironment. He is the recipient of several junior scholar awards including being named a Lefkofsky Scholar, a Kimmel Scholar, an AACR NextGen young investigator, a Dale F. Frey Breakthrough Scientist, and a V Foundation Fellow.
He presented in the second installment of ISCaM2021 Webinar Series – “Metabolic alterations in the tumor microenvironment”.
In the notes below, you will find the links at published works presented in his talk: